I wante to post the cake I baked yesterday.  I didn’t go the fireworks because of the weather. It wasn’t very pretty.  It will be other times I get out and meet the great people here in our city. I hope you are enjoying my hobbies. COOKING and BAKING sweets. It’s hard to beleive I wear a 32 inch waist? lol. I wish. I don’t remember  when I use to ware that size. Oh well, I’m enjoying the food, and that is all that matters to me.

376702630_0e7ac2eb0e_o.jpgI received a wonderful letter from my friend from years back. At the time I met Mike Moncrief, he was Senator Mike Moncrief for the State of Texas. And now he is Mayor Mike Moncrief of Fort Worth. He and his wife Rosie have been very supportive in everything I have been involved in. You will see that in the photos in my picture section on Flickr. Mike and Rosie also wear one of my JUST ASK t-shirts. I’m honored to call them my friends!

Here is the email that he sent me today:

Mike & Rosie Moncrief, Mayor and Mrs. Mayor of Fort Worth

“Hey Reggie, I just visited your website and i was most impressed. The ongoing
challenge of raising awareness of NF and search for a cure is made easier by your efforts. By the way, I wear my Tshirt every chance I get and have had numerous folk come up to me and ask about it. Keep up the great work and you are more than welcome to post this email on your blog.

Your Bud,
Mayor Mike