This post is some what different from all of my earlier posts. I am asking all that have posted on my blog to share in this one. When things are going really well, do we believe it should be this way? Or do we expect it’s too good to be true.

You may have read in one of my previous posts, where I said I have never felt as happy as I do now, now that the Reggie Bibbs web-site has begun. So many of you have written and made a lot of kind comments. The plan is to help make NF more known and talked about like so many other disorders. It seems as though lots of my friends, and I call them my friends because I have heard their story and I have learned they too have NF. They write and support me. Not thinking of themselves and their family members who have NF. I get so much joy out of this and I hope to reach a lot more. I hope we can reach others who do not have NF but would like to know more about it. We will, and we will make a difference. Let me know your thoughts.

reggie-white.JPGToday I had the pleasure of having lunch with two great friends. Talk about great food, that was the best. After lunch and during we had a nice conversation about what each of us are working on. The World Famous Arthur Meyerson of Houston, Lou Congelio oftres-amigos-1.jpg STANANDLOU and of course me, Reggie Bibbs. All from Houston. It just felt great to get away and relax with friends. I want to share it with you. I hope you enjoy the photo. What I would change about lunch today. Just ask Toby Keith. JUST TALK ABOUT ME. ME ME ME!

bigredheart3.jpgI want to thank Dr. Carolyn Farb for the difference she has made in my life. My friend Carolyn is a big part of my success. It was Carolyn who had the idea to put on a huge fashion show on Valentine’s Day in the middle of the Galleria Ice Skating rink. She called it MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY and had a lot of celebrities in it like Warren Moon, Carl Lewis, Governor Bill White, and lots more!

It was very successful and all the money went to open the NF Clinic at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

I am so thankful to Carolyn for making it possible for all of us to have a place to go who suffer with NF. That is just one of the many fundraisers that Carolyn has done for the foundation I’m happy to be a part of. Of course Carolyn has helped tons of other organizations like the Texas NF Foundation.

Everything that I have learned from Carolyn has gone into my “Just Ask!” awareness campaign. My website is to bring awareness to NF, and I hope all of us that have NF can meet here for support from one another.

I thank you Dr Farb. My Heart belongs to you.

ups.jpegYesterday I went to the store. I saw a ups guy who I knew from years ago. I met him while working at Goodwill Inds of Houston. I was in Shipping, and part of my job was to receive all ups, FedEx, and airborne packages that needed to be signed for. Goodwill was a great job and learning experience for me. I will never forget my friends there. The ups guy remembered me and now he will learn about my site. He seemed happy that I gave him my card. He read the card in front of me. I am so happy that he talked to me first and made the comment that we have known each other for a long time. He seemed happy about that. I know I’m the happy one. Thank you all.

reggiestill.jpgWow! What a Terrific day I had. I was contacted by Mrs Meko White from Missouri, who was searching for information about nf and found out about my site on Mrs Meko is very supportive and knows a lot about nf. She shares with me the desire to get the word out about nf. I am happy to meet others who are helping me in this battle against nf. I would like to hear from those of you who know about my site. Tell me how you heard about it. Thank you Meko.

images.jpegYou’ll never guess what happened to me today so I had better tell you. I went to my favorite Western store, Cavender’s. I was shopping for a buckle for my belt. I noticed someone in the store noticing me. He came over and spoke to me and asked how my day was going. I told him like I always say when asked. Terrific! with a smile.

After my purchase, I looked around for the gentlemen that I just spoken to. I saw him and he could see I wanted to talk to him. He came over. Because he was so nice to me, I couldn’t leave without letting him know how happy he made me feel. I explained to him about my disorder and my website. As I talked to him I could see his eyes filling with tears. He was a very big guy yet he was very sensitive to how I felt and what my life is like. He seemed very happy that I didn’t mind talking about what happened to me. I gave him one of my business cards. He said it was a good way for me to get the word out. He thanked me. I am the one who should be thanking him. I can say for sure I will shop at Cavender’s more often.

reggiefriend.jpgThese photos of me were shot by my friend, Kevin Lynch. I met him when he worked for Greg Gorman. He works for him self now. I stayed at his house in Malibu. We went to Malibu and took the photos there. It was after they had that big fire years ago.

secondfamily_web.jpgToday I went to Cavender’s to buy Western gear. I always shop at the S. loop store # 23. I love that particular store. I bought a nice looking belt. Want to be ready just in case I get to go to the Rodeo, or I have the opportunity to meet ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. If not, I will have the western clothing for “Go Western” day at our Church Sunday.

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Reggie article 3/1/07Well, not to gloat, But all of you that have been supporting me, by viewing my website and my blog. I want to let you know The Houston Chronicle is running an ad on me. I’ am so thankful that we are getting information to the public about nf. This week you can see the article, if you are the areas of, HOBBY AREA SUNNYSIDE / PARK PLACER/UH/TSU/ALMEDA/GULFGATE. Would like to hear from anyone who reads the article and tell me your thoughts.

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